Adolescents Youth Development PROGRAM

Currently, 5,000 students in 88 schools are getting benefited from this program.

Why Adolescence Youth DEVELOPMENT Program?

A lot of high school students between the age of 11 to 16 years are already involved in drug addiction. Peace in family life and social harmony is alarming and found threatening if not interrupted immediately. Thus a nationwide massacre is waiting undoubtedly.

Our Approach

Since 2005, BYFC has taken initiative in a banner call Hi-Club. The goal is to keep off these huge teenage groups from drug abuse and its killing effects, they should be encouraged to involve themselves in social-cultural activities and sports and games to maintain their free time meaningfully and effectively.

Along with their physical and mental nourishment, they should also be guided for proper education through meetings, seminars, training, and other social activities. Nevertheless, spiritual and ethical values and morality play a vital role in total human development, which is to be addressed and exposed through program activity.

Our Activities


Our staffs go to High Schools, Madrasas, Colleges, NGOs/Clubs and teach those materials in a class setting environment. Teaching materials have been developed according to the requirements. After finishing teaching materials, staffs go on a regular visit to those institutions.

Step-2: Follow-up ​

Afterward, we organize the musical concert, sports, essay writing and debate competition in the individual institutions as well as inter-schools or college level as follow up programs.

Step-3: Hi-Club​

We provide technical trade training for young people so that they earn a living to support themselves and families. Besides this, we train young leaders so that they can have an impact on their communities and our country.