Kids Home

229 students in 7 centers are getting benefited from this program.

Why Kids Home?

Children’s Home is a component of BYFC for the poorest of poor and orphan children coming from oppressed and destitute families who cannot take care of their children.

Our Approach

BYFC has started its first home on 9th July 2004 with 5 children at the beginning at Ganda, Savar, Dhaka. Until now, there are 229 kids at 7 different children’s homes. We are planning to expand in numbers in the year to come yet.

Our Kids Home Facilities


All the homes are accommodated in a single-storied building in each area made in the same model with brick walls and C.I. sheet roof, protected with boundary walls. Each home has two wide bedrooms having 30 single beds, one bed for each child. A big room at the entrance is used for multi-purpose uses like – study, dining, recreation, etc. The kitchen and storage were constructed separately in an extension wing of the building and 4 common bath-cum-toilets are adjusted to the bedrooms. Every child has two sets of bed materials like bed sheets, pillow & pillow covers, mosquito nets that are kept clean and dry. Every child has separate blankets for their use. A separate full-time female staff in the home is assigned to clean and another one for cooking. Each home has a night guard as well.

Education & Entertainment

BYFC provides books, exercise books, school uniforms, and all other necessary teaching materials. Along with the home in-charge personnel a house tutor regularly conducts follow-up studies in the evening and helps them to prepare the classwork. A big open yard in front of each home is used for outdoor games for the children. The Home has various indoor and outdoor sports equipment’s supported with TV and DVD for recreational purposes.


Each home has 4-5 full-time staff staying with the kids at the home 24/7 to take care of the children. Besides a part-time house tutor, there is a dance & drawing teacher. An administrator stationed at Dhaka head office supervises all 6 homes. The administrator often visits the home to see for herself the maintenance of the home and how the home personnel follows the daily routine. Quarterly house parents meet with the administrator for 2 days long meeting and discuss their issues for better services.

Annual Kids Camp

Each year an annual Kids camp organized by BYFC for the Kids Home. It is a Five-day long program. On that week all the children come to Dhaka Head Office. They learn and participate in many training, cultural, and discussion programs. In this time they meet guest and their sponsors. Overall it is a very encouraging time for them.