Rehabilitation Center

About One Thousand drug addicts get counseling and or treatment from our Rehabilitation Center each year.

Why Rehabilitation CENTER?

Drug addiction is a disease of body and mind due to dependence on drugs/substances. It is a consequence of obsessive-compulsive behavior. All addicts are in a death trap if they do not seek treatment.

Every individual is different physically, psychologically and most importantly bio physiologically. Someone has more obsessions and more affinity to drugs from first exposure and cannot stop. Tolerance gradually increases requiting increased doses and finally become dependent on drugs. Someone may not be so. There is a hypothesis that the presence of some biogenetical factors in the body of some persons is a prime cause of drug dependence. Other factors are contributing, which influence to start drug-taking.

Addicts are physically and mentally sick. They lose a normal lifestyle, unable to earn and live. Like any other disease, they can be cured by treatment. If properly treated and trained, they can get back to normal life.

Our Approach

BYFC is serving in this field since September 01, 1998. Drug abuse prevention detoxification and training center as we call our treatment and rehabilitation center at Savar was established in 2002 aiming to care, counsel and cure drug addicts and to rehabilitate them as normal and confident individuals in their family and community where they were once lost and ignored. We call them “patients” in the center as we do believe that they are not bad or mad but they are simply ill. 

Universally accepted methodological 12 STEPS are used to counsel and treat the patients to bring them back to their normal life. We treat addicts in our center where each had to go through a four-month N.A (Narcotics Anonymous) course followed by another month for a follow-up program which made them perfectly fit to go back to their normal life.

Our Activities


Restoration of damaged physical health, boosting mental wellbeing, to make understand damaging effects of addiction, to develop skill and knowledge how to refrain from re-addiction. Also to correct behavioral defects, incorporating morality and good values in life, to learn how to cope in home and society even with different stresses, to teach how to avoid risky places/situations and to practice honesty always.

Family meeting

Parents and other family members meet every week with counselor and staffs. It help to exchange views, to know up-to-date developments of their patient, to reestablish good relation, to make decision about future planning and to be prepared about their responsibility during recovery period of their spouse.


Patients are instructed to come to the center once weekly in the first one month following discharge to express their wellbeing, to participate NA meeting and sharing. He can talk with a counselor or staff if problems / difficulties arise. He can take suggestions before starting a new job or business or getting married. BYFC Center is ready to help everyone at any stage of his recovery. If someone drops out from follow-up, it is assumed that he is again derailed. The relapsed person can seek help to center to consider review-treatment.