Moral Development

59 prayer groups of various faith, 76 women’s prayer teams and supper conference with thousands of people inspired by the positive spirit.

Why Moral Development?

The practice of ethical values and religious norms is essential for every youth as a part of teaching and building his life. Degradation of values and norms among the youths is alarming-ultimately leading them to frustration, involving them in the addiction of drugs and affecting the social harmony and tolerance among them. 

Our Approach

BYFC organized 59 youth prayer groups according to their faiths and arranged monthly prayers as a regular event in all our centers. Wake-up Deborah is another BYFC movement for prayer aiming to inspire as many mothers to pray for their teenagers and children. Moreover Super Conference and other spiritual development training, workshop, and  activities help to nourish our youth community with a positive spirit and visions.

Our Activities

Prayer Group

The Monthly prayer meeting is conducted under the guidance and chairmanship of local Imam, Priest or Thakur. Every prayer group meets once every month in any suitable place or in BYFC office premises and they jointly pray as per the monthly prayer schedule. BYFC maintains an annual prayer schedule similar for all faiths where prayer is made for all faiths for suffering humanity, youth, victims of the drug addictions, natural disasters, refugees made by war, disaster around the world, for children, etc. This is a very regular program and the attendance of youth is very encouraging.

Wake-up Deborah

Wake-up Deborah is a BYFC movement for prayer aiming to inspire as many mothers to pray for their teenagers and children. This movement was started in 2013 to inspire the women of Bangladesh. Through the movement, we have inspired more than 1766 women with 76 groups.
Daily 15 minutes of prayers have an impact on their lives. Almighty God’s love has changed their lives through the power of daily prayer by their mother.

Super Conference

This is a conference where senior high school, college, and university students come for a gathering. There are two different conferences; one is for only high school students and others for college and university students. This takes place once every other year and around 400-500 students come from all over the country to learn how to face the reality in terms of education, moral, ethical, timely issues and talents show like games, music and cultural events to inspire them. There are national and international speakers talking about different topics.