HIV & Drug Awareness

More than 1.2 Million people get impacted each year from our Awareness, Follow-up and Day Observation Programs. 

Why HIV & Drug Awareness?

BYFC undertook a massive health education and awareness program to raise basic health awareness amongst its group members and the surrounding public in general. Considering the increasing number of drug addicts in our project area, prevention of drug abuse was included as an item in our health awareness program.

Many HIV/AIDS experts believe that the AIDS pandemic is about to explode in Bangladesh like a time bomb. New cases of HIV infection might double this year. Growth at this rate will lead to over 1 million infected individuals in just 15 years. Denial of the threat of HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh, and insufficient preventative action, could lead to a full-blown, countrywide epidemic.

Our Approach

BYFC conducted HIV/AIDS Awareness Program (HAP) and Drug Awareness Program (DAP) activity among students, youth and community people in our working areas. We have been able to contact the high school and the madrasha students (senior), youth organizations/clubs, women organizations, NGOs, training forums, religious organizations, trade unions, garment factories, and community gatherings. We took part in such discussions and motivational activities. Part of the awareness program, we also arrange follow-up and day observation programs. 

Our Activities

DAP & HAP Awareness

  • Education on drug abuse among Students
  • Public Micking
  • Meeting with Gipsy and Slum people
  • Health Yard Meeting
  • Poster, Sticker and Leaflet Distribution
  • Rally and human connection
  • Door to Door Activities
  • Guardian Counselling
  • Film Show
  • Discussion and Cultural Program
  • Meeting with NGO, Government, Private and Other Organizations

DAP & HAP Follow-up

  • Quiz Competition
  • Debate Competition
  • Easy Writing Competition
  • Drawing Competition
  • Concert and Cultural Competition
  • Sports and Tournaments
  • Day Observation
  • and Others

Day Observation

  • 26th June – World Anti-drug day.
  • 1st December – International HIV/AIDS Day.