Pre School Education

227 Students in 7 Pre-Schools are getting an education.

Why Pre School Education?

Enrollment in primary school education in Bangladesh is quite high. The challenges we face to complete primary education and reduce the dropout. Especially among the poor and needy family. To pull in all these students and put them back to mainstream education.

Our Approach

Children from the poor and needy family, who are not attending any school are getting an education in our pre-school program. Our Pre-school program is known as Ankur Pre-School. Currently, BYFC operated seven pre-schools for 227 children. Kids after completion of their courses got admitted to grade II in nearby government or private primary schools. BYFC prepares the children to get admission into class II in any government or private primary school after completion of the course which takes two years.

Our Activities

School System

All schools follow the government-approved curriculum along with other extra activities like sports and games, drawing, songs, poetry recitation, hygiene classes, etc. Out of seven schools, six are accommodated in BYFC project offices and for the other one, accommodations are given to use freely by the local community. Among seven schools, Madaripur Ankur School has been operating as a temporary Social Welfare Project upon community needs.

Education System

Each school has one teacher who has a minimum high school graduation. All schools are open six days a week from Saturday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 pm. with half an hour’s leisure at 11:30 am. Every four months a terminal examination is held and progressive reports are given to children and their guardians. Generally, we follow the government’s yearly curriculum for holidays and terminal and annual examinations. All schools have sufficient and various sports and games materials to play during leisure and even after school time. This is an almost free education program. Each student pays (Tk.10) so little per month. On the contrary, BYFC has provided all children with school uniforms, books, slates, papers, chalks or pencils, all education material and equipment with a 13-month teacher’s remuneration.

School Committee

To supervise the school and monitor teacher, a seven-member school committee, elected by guardians for each school is functioning who sit at least once a month to review the progress of the children and any problems that interrupt the smooth running of the curriculum. The teacher of the school acts as the secretary of the committee and the manager of the project attends as an observer in every meeting.